About me


My current base of operations (read: home) is situated in a small sea-side town of Rijeka in Croatia. I got my bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and then returned home. Currently, I work for Clarity Consulting from the iOLAP offices in Rijeka.


I'm a software engineer, earning my bread by programming stuff in Microsoft and Web technologies. My day-to-day work involves C#, WPF, WCF, Microsoft SQL, HTML and HTML5, Javascript and jQuery. In my spare time, I develop web pages using Orchard, Symfony, PHP and other web technologies. I use Python to deal with day-to-day computing problems. I used to spend a lot of time digging through low-level code and reverse engineering. I like exploring other people's code as well as the core functionalities of different systems.

Hobbies and sports:

I enjoy music, especially rock, some metal, instrumental, classical music and even some electronic music. I'm doing my best to improve my guitar playing skills. I'm also trying to be involved with lighting, sound mixing and recording in our community. I do different kinds of sports. I swim to keep myself in shape. I used to do Aikido out of pure love for it, and hope to return to it some day. I do mountain climbing to escape the city life. From time to time I assist in leading the mountain climbing groups on different routes. Recently I started experimenting with electronics and low-level programming. I'm learning about Arduino, Raspberry Pi, electronic components, soldering and so forth. I'm interested in building all kinds of remotely controlled vehicles.