IR Reader project

Figure 1: IR reader schematicOne of my first projects is a simple IR reader. It will be used as a tool to gather the remote codes for my house appliances. The future plan is to set up the IR senders on strategic places in the house to control the needed appliances (such as TV, stereo system, A/C and so on).

The project is very simple, it uses an IR receiver diode, which turned out to be very versatile for my needs. It can read all of my remotes' codes. It is easy to use, it has two pins for power and one pin for data. The data is already filtered so it can be directly used with a micro controller. For the control purposses I'm using Arduino controller with serial output for printing the codes.

For the software part I'm using theĀ Arduino-IRemote library. There was no need for me to write any custom code for this project, I simply used the IRemote example program called IRecvDemo, which is avalable in Arduino IDE under Examples.

The remote codes will be captured and stored for the future projects. The next project will use a RF 433MHz link to relay the codes to the sender IR diode. This seems to be be a good start for my home automation project.

Infrared, IR, Arduino, Home Automation